Irresistible recipes

Spring salad with tuna and olives

15 April 2020


2 cans of Compass tuna
1 green salad
1 cucumber
A handful of cherry tomatoes or 2 large tomatoes
3-4 radishes
1 green pepper
A handful of black olives
Crushed cheese
Olive oil
Salt and pepper to taste

Method of preparation:

1. Cut the vegetables and put them in a large salad bowl;
2. Add tuna, cheese, parsley and season with salt, pepper and olive oil.

Enjoy your meal!


Tortilla sandwich with mackerel

28 November 2018

Heat the tortillas in the pan on both sides until they soften. Place each tortilla in a plate and sprinkle with iceberg, cherry tomatoes, peppers, pickles, parsley and pieces of fish.