About us

Who we are?

“Compass” is a Bulgarian company with a venerable experience in the production and sales of meat and vegetarian canned products. We have always believed that in order to be among the best, we have to be constantly looking for new opportunities for development. That is why in 2015 we embarked on a new activity – the manufacture of canned fish products.

From the very beginning, our main objective has been to develop the category of Sterilized fish products in Bulgaria by manufacturing and marketing only high-quality products. To cast anchor on the market and to establish our products as your preferred choice, we have researched your preferences in terms of products, preferred ways of eating fish, and we have created new recipes and tasted various kinds of fish and raw materials to offer you a rich variety of delicious food. We have come up with packaging of elegant and exquisite design so that we could present them to you in the best possible way.

We have worked diligently and patiently, with love and attention to detail. And we are more than pleased with the result. Now we would like to present it to you.

Let us take a delicious journey together into the world of seafood!


For the sake of the high quality, we have invested in cutting-edge professional machinery and qualified staff. We use raw materials only from licensed suppliers, and carry out our production processes under constant supervision and control, in compliance with all the requirements and provisions of the applicable Bulgarian and European laws. Our company has been internationally certified in accordance with Food Safety and IFS – International Food Standard (version 7).


We are a team of young, energetic and inquisitive professionals. We have a keen interest in new opportunities and we are strongly motivated to achieve high results. The sea, the ocean and their fruit are our inspiration. We appreciate delicious food and are constantly doing our best to improve it even further.
Our work is what makes us happy, and we highly value each one of our colleagues, partners and clients.

Mission statement

We are committed to manufacturing only the best products to provide you, our clients, with an irresistibly delicious experience. To establish ourselves as a leader in the manufacture of sterilized fish products, we have been following several basic principles:

  • Research of the market and of consumer preferences
  • Investment in production and a good working environment
  • Establishing a high standard regarding the raw materials used, to attain high quality and unparalleled taste